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Organizing Test Tubes

Need a lab test?

Express Medical Experts make it easy by going directly to your house, collect your sample and transport it to the lab for analysis.

Your time and convenience are important priorities. 

**Phlebotomy Service fees are not covered by

your insurance.

Fees starting at $25.00

What to expect?

We pride ourselves on professional and reliable care. Our certified phlebotomist provide quality work, timely ,comfortable collection, safe specimen handling and transport.


Your trusted EME Professional is in contact with you every step of the way. Some things to expect:

  • An appointment confirmation call  within 24-48 hours

  • The opportunity to ask questions and share information  

  • After our phlebotomist has arrived and performed the blood draw, your specimen will be delivered to its designated lab to be analyzed.

  • Results are sent directly to the ordering physician.

Some blood/ chemistry tests require fasting before the blood sample is drawn.  

If you are not sure or have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at 904-647-8177.

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