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Urine Adulteration/Validity

Specimen validity testing (SVT) is performed on a

urine drug screen specimen to detect substitution,

adulteration, or dilution.

Urine Screening

Urine drug screening is a clinical tool that can enhance workplace safety,

monitor patients’ medication compliance, and detect drug (illicit and prescription) abuse as well as prescription medication diversion. 

  1. Identifies possible use or non-use of drugs or drug classes, and includes point-of-care (POC) and laboratory immunoassay (IA) methods.

  2. Results are reported qualitatively (Negative or Positive), and does not identify drugs/metabolites.

  3. Requires definitive mass spectrometry to identify drug/metabolite present.

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Urine Confirmation

Express Medical Experts utilizes the most advanced, and specific equipment and technology available to confirm drugs of abuse in urine providing consistent results and reliable confirmations regardless of circumstance. Our panel have been design to test any kind of illicit substance, including both recreational and prescription drugs. 
After initial screening for presumptive positives, quantitative confirmation is performed by liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LC/MS)

At EME we are also offering on-site urine rapid screening devices.

This technology provides our clients with a comprehensive and convenient drug testing solution.

Call today for more information. 

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